audio, lighting, production management, video

Set in a post-apocalyptic future, CODENAME: KANSAS was Copious Love Productions‘ most ambitious show to date.

TEP was a producing partner for the technical elements of the show, which included dual projection to make 40-feet of digital set backdrop. TEP partnered with Seattle’s Academy of Interactive Entertainment, and with the Art Direction of Vic Bonilla turned out a feature-length show of VFX landscapes and assets.

Control included redundant towers running Unity, a video game engine. The whole show was designed into a custom cue list with scenic layers, visual effect layers, sound and more – allowing Technical Director, Tony Gavilanes to control video elements in one hand and an entirely separate audio system on the other hand.

With a group that consisted of 16 VFX design interns, 15 cast, and 25 crew, we pulled off a pretty stunning month-long run of a futuristic theatre spectacle.

Working with TEP and Tony Gavilanes was an excellent experience for my students.  With Tony’s help we designed live interactive 3D backdrops and effects for a theater production. It was one of the most successful and experimental shows that has been done in the Seattle area. My students had a wonderful time and learned a great deal from having Tony on our team when it comes to technical and artistic production.
Vic Bonilla – Professor of VFX & Video Game Art
Academy of Interactive Entertainment